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Your #1 Source for Plastic, Injection Rubber and Permanent Mold Tooling & Fixtures & Molds from Small to 1000 Ton.

A successful business starts and ends with dedicated employees. Our people have the passion and persistence to pursue long term perfection so your project achieves excellence. That is what we sell. Our company cannot provide all things to all people. We can provide a forensic approach with open and honest communications. We can listen to your special needs and eliminate surprises. We can, by working together, achieve an earned and deserved long term relationship.

Your #1 Mold Tooling Company in Wisconsin

Allenton Tool & Design has for over 40 years established an excellent reputation by partnering with customers to design and build quality fixtures, molds, and specialty tools for a wide variety of applications and industries. Our staff includes experienced designers and journeymen toolmakers who are dedicated to “molding” manufacturing experience, tool building skills, and individual creativity with customer detailed product knowledge to develop the best functional tools available. We have found this partnership approach creates the greatest tooling value over the life of the project. We use an effective project team approach with the actual experience to assure achievement of the above-stated goals.

Our shop has 40 years of experience in supporting the permanent mold foundry industry plus plastic and other injection mold businesses. Let us help you design and build the tools your company needs to excel. We do new tooling for tilt pour, low pressure & static pour applications, including all types of mold refurbishing and repairs. We make extrusion dies and fixtures of all kinds to handle your secondary operations. Our design team will help you design a tool that saves you time & money, we will use the best mold steel and components for your application. If you want great pricing high quality and quick lead times you need to see us at Allenton Tool & Machine Inc.

Moldcraft has established itself as a job shop with operational excellence that specializes in the design and building of tools that run in captive and custom plastic injection molding operations.  Tool building, repair knowledge, and expertise come from being in this business since 1983 with tool sizes ranging from small molds to 1000 ton.  Service and customer satisfaction are cornerstones of Moldcraft in constructing tools that are intuitive with longevity and ease of maintenance built into every tool design.

  • Plastic Injection Molds
  • Rubber Injection Molding – Compression, Transfer, and Injection
  • Permanent Mold and Low Pressure Casting Tools and Fixtures
  • Silicone Injection Molding (LIM)
  • Automotive Sealing Systems – Rubber Injection Splice Molds for TPE, TPV and EPDM
  • Extrusion Die services
  • Modeling CAD Design Services
  • Complete Design and Discrete Project Test Capabilities
  • Tight Tolerance Machining
  • Short Run Machining
  • Product Prototyping
  • Robotic and Specialty Fixtures
  • Specialty Assembly Work
  • Two separate manufacturing locations with ability to move capacity and people between both

Your 1-Stop Tool & Design Shop & So Much More

From design, to modeling, to prototype, to small run production and assembly of parts we are staffed and equipped to assure projects are delivered on time and within budget. Since actions speak louder than words, we are focused on prioritized solutions to your problem not the process of selling parts. Service and customer satisfaction are cornerstones in constructing molds that are intuitive wth longevity and ease of maintenance always at the forefront.


Allenton Tool & Machine
5923 HIllcrest Drive
Allenton, WI 53002-9515
Phone 262-629-5503

Rents 7500 Sq. Ft. Block Building

Moldcraft / Enterprise Tool & Design
5911 Hillcrest Drive
Allenton, WI 53002-9515
Phone 262-629-5503

8000 Sq. Ft. Block & Metal Buildings

Design-Engineering Software

  • ProEngineer – Part Design, Mold Design, Advanced Assembly, Drawing
  • Solidworks – Part Design, Mold Design, Advanced Assembly, Drawing
  • Gribs- Mold Design & CAM
  • PowerShape – Modify models and simple design programming
  • PowerMill with 5th Axis Module
  • Ashlar Vellum – produce drawings and program machining centers
  • SurfCAM – program machining center
  • Esprit for 2-5 Axis Programming & Solid Wire


  • Genos L400 CNC 10” Chuck, 20.47” Swing 12.20” Turn Dia and 19.69” Length
  • Victor 1640 Manual 10” Chuck Swing over Bed 15 ¾” Bed 11 ¾” Spindle 2”
  • Lodge & Shipley 18″
  • SouthBend 10″

2- Axis, 3-Axis, & 5-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Centers

  • OKK-VP600 5Axis Table 600mm (20”x20”) Travels 44”x24”x18” Max: Diameter 24.8” Height 15” and Weight 880 lbs
  • Milltronics VM30 Linear Way 3 Axis Table 66” x 26” Travels 60”x30”x24” Max: Weight 3500 lbs Spindle Speed 15000 RPM Coolant Thru
  • Bridgeport 5Axis400 Table 400mm (13.8” diameter) Travels 32”x24”x19.7” Max: Weight 440 lbs
  • (2) Roders RMF600/2 High Speed VMC with 42,000 RPM
  • (2) Yama Seiki AF1250 Table 53 x 24.4 Travels 49.2” x 24.4” x 24.4”
    Max Weight 2200 lbs Spindle Speed 15000 RPM Coolant Thru
  • (2) Bridgeport 3Axis 3020 VMC Tables 30”x20”x20” Max: Weight 2000 lbs
  • OKK- MCV500 3Axis Table (51.18” x 22.44”) with travels 41.34”x21.65”x22.05” Max: Weight 3300 lbs
  • (4) Kondia w/Prototrack 2Axis Travel 30”x12”
  • Fryer MC60 50 Tapor 3Axis Table (24” x 67”) 24 ATC 60”x30”x28” Load 4500 lbs
  • (2) Haas VF 5 3Axis Travels 50”x26”x24” 20 ATC Load 4000 lbs
  • (2) Haas VF 9/50 3Axis Travels 84”x40”x30” Load 4000 lbs
  • (3) Bridgeport 2Axis Series 1

Manual Machines

  • Chevalier Wet Grinder Table 31.5” Length x 16”width x 14” Height
  • Kent Wet Ginder KGS-510 60” x30”
  • MVC 300 E 100Tc LWB Rubber Press
  • Okamoto Grinder
  • (6) Mitsui Surface Grinders
  • (1) Sunnin Hone Machine
  • Deckel Cutter Grinder
  • Lucus Boring Bar 3” diameter spindle
  • 2 Ton Overhead Crane
  • Mig and Tig Welding Equipment
  • (1) Ford E450 Stake Bed Truck
  • (2) Chevrolet Express Delivery Vans

Measuring Devices

  • 518-223 Mitutoyo QM 600 High Precision 24” Digital Height Gage with 2mm and 4 mm Ball Probes
  • Starrett 21” Optical Comparator
  • 3-D Optical CMM
  • Micro View Comparator
  • Various gages and pins


  • Mitisubishi MV2400-R Advanced 6”x15.7”x12.2” Tank 41.3”x32.3”x12” max weight 3300 lbs Wire .004-.012
  • Mitisubishi MV1200-R Tank 33.5” x 30”x 8.7” Mach 15.7”x11.8”x8.7” Workpiece Weight 1100 lbs Wire .004-.012
  • Mitisubishi DWC90CR Wire 4Axis 16.5” x 20” 1100 lbs with Encrypted USB Emulator Tank 25×34
  • Mitisubishi Sinker EX 22 Table 35”x24”x12” load 1500 lbs with Encrypted USB Emulator Tank 40x29x16
  • (2) Sodick Sinker AQ55L LQ1 Table 32”x24”x14” XYZ Travels 18”x13.5”x12” workpiece weight limit 2200 lbs Tank 37.4” x 28.5”
  • Charmiles Robocut EDM Sinker Eleroda
  • EDM DrillMate Hole Popper Max Piece Height 18.5” 0.1mm Dia. Hole with electrode length of 25” with 22 position guide changer.

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