All successful business starts and ends with dedicated employees and our people have the passion and persistence to pursue long term perfection, so your project achieves excellence. That is what we sell. Our company cannot provide all things to all people. We can provide a forensic approach with open and honest communications. We can listen to your special needs and eliminate surprises. We can by working together, achieve an earned and deserved long term relationship.

Both Enterprise Tool & Design and Allenton Tool & Machine have for over 25 years established excellent reputations by partnering with customers to design and build quality fixtures, molds and tools for a wide variety of applications and industries. Our staff includes experienced designers and journeymen tool makers who are dedicated to "molding" manufacturing experience, tool building skill, and individual creativity with customer detailed product knowledge to develop the best functional tools available. We have found this partnership approach creates the greatest tooling value over the life of the project. We use an effective project team approach with the actual experience to assure achievement of the above stated goals. From design, to modeling, to prototype, to production of parts we are staffed and equipped to assure projects are delivered on time and within budget. Since actions speak louder than words, we are focused on prioritized solutions to your problem not the process of selling parts.